Agrifac is a Dutch-based leading and manufacturer of high-tech spraying technology. With all innovations on the sprayers, Agrifac helps growers to work more efficient, with less input and high quality output.

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The Agrifac portfolio consists of a complete line of self-propelled sprayers which come in two models: the Condor with a 4.000 or 5.000 litre (1,050 or 1,300 US gallons) tank and the Condor Endurance 2 with an 8.000 litre (2,100 US gallons) tank. The boom widths go up to 55 Meters (180 ft). All of Agrifac’s self-propelled sprayers feature the unique Stabilo Plus undercarriage, which enables the industry smoothest ride and unprecedented spray boom stability.

The sprayers are equipped with industry-leading features, that help the growers improve the quality of the crop but also reduce their costs through lower inputs. Some of these features available are:

  • StrictSprayPlus: Individual nozzle sections with turn compensation
  • StrictHeightPlus: Auto Boom Levelling
  • ECOtronicPlus: Ergonomic touchscreen controls
  • GreenFlowPlus: Most efficient spray system in industry with lowest rest liquid and recirculating booms
  • Condor ClearancePlus: for ground clearance up to 2 meters
  • HighTechAirPlus: Increased coverage and drift reduction
  • AiCPlus: Camera system with integrated weed recognition Artificial Intelligence (in development)

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